be patient

a hi rant to my bruised self

Sometimes you will feel weak and that’s part of the fluctuation of life, sometimes you are at the bottom of the pit and hope is a far away thought but all you can do is feed yourself positive thoughts and want the best for everyone around you. the world is confusing and scary for everyone and figuring out such complex and intricate systems like love and compassion and care isn’t easy for anyone so I need to allow what happens to happen, yes some days it will hurt when you feel as though you’ve been replaced, but you weren’t replaced, it just wasn’t meant to be and if that hadn’t happened then you would have been much more unimpressive don’t you realize that you’ve grown a million times after your death and if your death hadn’t happened you wouldn’t have been here. And I think that these feelings of inadequacy are important because they keep you and your perception of reality in check, as well as your ego. And it’s good to sometimes over analyze, not always, but sometimes and then you can understand the people in your life. and isn’t amazing that they’ve also grown so much into the people they want to be? And you want to be the best you can be and you have to hold your standards for yourself so high that you never stop changing and learning and growing, right? again, again, again you are the butterfly and the witch and the jinn and your metamorphosis will never stop and you don’t want it to stop because you’re the next cyborg who broke the entire system. you’re going to float away from all of these systems you are currently conforming to and you will stabilize in an energy of positive uncertainty and happiness. make sure you feel everything.


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